Adding/Editing Direct Deposit Accounts

This function is part of employee self-service system accessible through RIAS. 


Steps Description
1 Login to the Application using your NetID and password.
2 Navigate to Direct Deposit by selecting Self Service>Payroll and Compensation>Direct Deposit. If a direct deposit exists, it will be displayed on the Direct Deposit screen.
Direct Deposit Step 2
3 To add a Direct Deposit, click on the Add Account Button Imagebutton.
4 The Add Direct Deposit screen displays. Enter in the appropriate information.
Step 4: Add Direct Deposit Account
5 Enter the Routing Number and Account Number. The Step 5: Link for View Check example imagelink will display where to find a routing number and account number on a check.  Click OK to return to the Add Direct Deposit screen.
Step 5: Check Example image
6 Enter in the Account Type, checking or savings.
7 Enter in the Deposit Type.  The deposit type can be a specific dollar amount, a percent or the balance of your check.  If one direct deposit account is being used, then indicate Balance in the Deposit Type field.
8 If you enter an Amount or Percent in the Deposit Type, you must enter a numeric number in the Amount or Percent field. Do not include a dollar sign or the percent symbol.
9 The Deposit Order is used when you have more than one direct deposit listed.  For example, if you are depositing 100.00 dollars in a savings account and the remaining balance of your check in a checking account, indicate the savings account deposit order as 1 and the checking account deposit order as 2.
10 Click the Step 10: Submit button image button to process your direct deposit request.  The Submit Confirmation page displays. Click OK to return to the Direct Deposit page.  Your new direct deposit information will display. 
Step 10: Direct Deposit Details Page Image
11 If you need to make changes to an existing Direct Deposit, click on the Step 11: Edit button image button. Make your changes and click on the Submit button.